Yee Fung Construction and Engineering Limited



本司已登記為建築事務監督的註冊一般建築承建商(RGBC),並獲准根據建築物條例進行加建及改建工程。此外,本司還獲發 ISO 9001:2015 優質管理系統標準認證,ISO 14001:2015 環境管理系統標準認證及 ISO 45001:2018 管理系統標準認證,以確保本司能為客戶提供最優質服務。



Yee Fung Construction Engineering Limited (hereafter referred as (“YF”) was established in 2013, specialises in professional construction services covering building construction, renovation, maintenance, fitting-out, project management as well as building services.


In order to provide professional construction services, YF has obtained various relevant statutory licenses: Registered General Building Contractor, Registered Minor Works Contractor and Grade I Plumber. YF also accredited ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, ensuring a high quality of services to the clients.


Formed by a strong and competent team, YF has accomplished numerous types of projects with great success, securing reputation in the industry as well as recognition and appreciation from clients.